Krow Launches Professional Services Automation (PSA) Innovations for Customer Success

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Krow Software, a leading provider of professional services automation software that is easy to use and deploy and built 100% native on the Salesforce Platform, today announced new features for professional services teams and organizations focused on driving project and customer success.

“In today's services economy, closing the deal is only the start of the customer journey and building successful customer advocates for sustained company growth,” said David Vanheukelom, CEO and Founder of Krow Software. “Customer success is rapidly emerging as a strategic differentiator and growth engine for both service and product based companies.”

The following new features empower services organizations with the right tools and insights to drive successful project outcomes for customers.

Multi-Channel Communication

Communicating and collaborating with clients across the lifecycle of a project is critical to ensuring a successful customer outcome. Now with the latest release, Krow offers the industry’s most robust multi-channel and customer centric PSA available today.

Service organizations can now compose emails directly from within a project from anywhere to anyone by way of a simple email address, where all replies and threaded communication are tracked and stored against the project. Now services organizations can see at a glance a complete timeline of customer interaction, building upon the project timeline of all activity.

Additionally, we have enhanced the project status report to enable a one-button emailing of the status report as an attachment to any user, with configurable email templates. This builds upon the previous release of giving anyone with a URL link access to the status report for real-time project insight.

Advanced Resource Planning & Availability

No longer is it sufficient for services organizations to simply view what resources are scheduled on what projects. Historically, PSA tools offered limited insight into what the real capacity and availability of resources were, including the true big-picture of what is happening across the organization with other customer projects and commitments.

Now with the latest release of Krow Professional Services Automation (PSA), Krow PSA offers project and resource managers advanced insight into the availability and suitableness of resources for project staffing for customer success.

Resource Managers can see at a glance the availability of resources matching the needs required, but additionally can see the net-availability of available resources taking into consideration commitments of projects and placeholders on other projects, including inflight or pipeline projects.

Additional filtering capability allows resource managers to further refine availability and net availability including what project and assignment statuses should be taken into consideration.

Team Task Planner

No longer is a Gantt chart sufficient to managing and planning task deliverables and deadlines across many resources and projects. Services teams such as agencies often plan and assign tasks to the hour and require visibility into who is working on what at anytime across many customers.

In addition to the personal My Work page that displays an individual's tasks in Kanban, Due Date, or Calendar view, the Task Planner offers a visual and configurable at-a-glance view by Day, Week, or Month of what everyone is working on, color coded by project for easy visualization.

Here users can drag-and-drop tasks between resources and assign tasks from the side panel of unassigned tasks, all while viewing at a glance resource availability and capacity.

The enhanced Task Planner offers unmatched planning capability to ensure task and resources are efficient staffed to deliverable on customer commitments.

About Krow Software

Krow provides next generation professional services automation that is easy to use and deploy and built 100% native on the Salesforce Platform. Krow helps companies transform service delivery and customer success with our intuitive and modern solution professional services teams and organizations, providing a single application to manage the performance & profitability of every project, delivering visibility across the entire business.