4 Ways Salesforce Consulting Can Help Your Services Business

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For any business that runs on Salesforce, utilization is key to getting the most out of the software — and maybe even out of your business. Because of this, many companies take advantage of Salesforce consulting.

We’ve compiled a few reasons you and your company may want to consider bringing in a Salesforce expert to ensure your CRM is doing everything it can to help your business.

1. Greater Utilization

Perhaps the most popular reason companies turn to Salesforce consulting is to ensure their employees know how to use Salesforce as well as possible. This can start with the implementation phase, but it can also be very impactful after the initial training and installation. In many cases, utilization sessions can significantly improve efficiency since the team already has a few months of experience with the software.

Additionally, consultants are experts because they know more about the software than the average user. If there are functions you and your employees don’t understand, a consultant is a great person to ask for those tips and tricks. Consultants are also great if you just want best practices for how to use the system to its fullest potential.

2. To Onboard New Employees

As your company expands with new hires, you’ll also have new employees who may be either partially or wholly unfamiliar with Salesforce — and even if they have used it before, they won’t be familiar with your company’s distinct processes and use of the tool.

A consultant can help your organization define its onboarding processes, essentially training your trainers. That way, you have internal, long-term resources available for getting new employees up and running. This also gives you existing refresher courses for any employees who may need refreshers or to be cross-trained on Salesforce.

3. Expansion to New Departments

For many businesses, Salesforce serves as a broader tool than just a CRM tool for sales. A consultant with a deep knowledge of the software can show you how to expand its use for your business.

Salesforce is the number one CRM application and sales force productivity application. However, because of the many additional tools which integrate with or are built natively on the platform, the options are nearly limitless for what can be managed in Salesforce.

For a service-based business, this should include professional services automation such as that from Krow Software. Krow offers a PSA system that’s built natively on the Salesforce platform, and it provides accounting, project management, document management, resource management, and even invoicing services, just to name a few.

Besides getting more out of your investment with Salesforce, you’ll have greater visibility and management capabilities by having sales, service, and business office data managed from one central location. (For more reasons to use a PSA system built on Salesforce, check out our previous post.)

To ensure you’re getting the broadest use out of Salesforce, make sure any consultants you hire have experience with the many additional tools your organization may want to use on the Salesforce platform.

4. Better ROI

A consultant will be familiar with ways similar companies have generated ROI from their investment, including better overall utilization, adoption, and retention.

Additionally, if your service-based business is utilizing a PSA system within Salesforce, your entire business stands to gain from decreased turnaround times, greater interdepartmental visibility on clients and their projects, and better reporting. This can all lead back to Salesforce — and a consultant who can teach you how to use it like a pro — being a great investment in your business. 


Whether your organization is already using Salesforce or you’re about to start, consider hiring an expert consultant to show you and your employees how to navigate the system like pros. Everyone will have a better sense of what the software can do to streamline, organize, and even increase your service-based business’ work capacity.

To get even more out of the system, combine the power of Salesforce with the power of the right PSA system to manage all your business’ professional services with additional automation. That will keep you — and your customers — even happier.